RubyKaigi 2018 に提出した CFP

RubyKaigi 2018 での講演は2日目の午後一となった。

以下は内容の CFP 提出時のもの。いま発表準備しているもののベースになっているので、参考にどうぞ。


Improve a Ruby coding style rules and Lint


This talk describes improving a Ruby coding style rules and Lint when using RuboCop.

Opportunities for using static analysis tools to unify coding style within a repository are not uncommon. However, the real world is not unified by the sole coding rule. Even so, we can approach the coding rule that we think is better. I'd like to talk about that in this topic.


In this topic I will mainly talk about the following things.

  • On the difference between coding style and Lint
  • Customize the static analysis tool RuboCop
  • Case study on RuboCop in OSS (e.g. rails/rails repository)
  • A case examples of a patch that I sent to RuboCop
  • Participate in an OSS community to improve coding style and Lint

The focus of this topic will be RuboCop, but by including links with other repositories such as Rails, I'd like to make the audience a sense of familiarity with OSS community and product.


I'm a top 10 rankers for commitment to RuboCop.

I think that I can convey hints and internal mechanisms for improving coding rules and Lint related to RuboCop.